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Review of William F. Buckley by Jeremy Lott

In this recent book on William F. Buckley in the Christian Encounters Series (Thomas Nelson), Jeremy Lott sheds some light on the life, politics, and religion of William Buckley. If your looking for a heroic portrait or a scathing review you will not find it here. Lott introduces us to a man who took on the stalwarts of liberalism at Yale and in his work at National Review, which he helped found. The most interesting point that Lott makes in this biograpy of Buckley is the way that his Catholicism influenced his thinking upon politics in critically engaging his opposition. Yet, Buckley was not afraid of critiquing even the papal magistrate for coming up with a document entitled Mater et Magistra. He went as far as saying, "the pope had paid insufficient notice to the poverty-alleviating power of capitalism" (98).

Overall, this book is a good window into the life of a politically conservative stalwart and anti-communist who made know his views in the religious and social ven…