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Foundations of Drawing

As a father to a little daughter who loves to draw, engage in creative imaginative painting efforts, and altogether enjoys designing dog clothes, my interest was piqued by this fascinating book called Foundations of Drawing by Al Gury.  I was glad to receive this book and even more happy to read through the history of how drawing, illuminating, and model drawing was part of many cultures, making alive the world that we see everywhere.  Al Gury is a wise guide, holdingthe chair of the painting department at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia.  Here are a few of the most fascinating points of the book for me.

One, Al Gury gets into the nitty gritty world of the Medieval period which book illumination and scriptoria, where monks would work at studying, copying, and translating ancient works, even works written papyrus, for their preservation.  Unique for the artistic mind, there were elegant illustrations and decorations done in pen and ink, and colored with water-…

The Message that Never Grows Old

The Message that Never Grows Old In the messiness that is the Christian life, believers tend to major on the minutiae, the pet issues that develop in the heat of debate and render our witness as shrouded in mystery.  We develop intricate points as to what exactly happens to the bread and wine in the Lord’s Supper, how God’s election takes place temporally, and when exactly Christ will return for his church.  Although the larger issues of the Lord’s Supper, election, and Christ’s return are hugely important for the Christian to understand and believe within his heart and mind, the details of how all these things work often escape our view.  Calvin called entering into these matters speculation.  In the Institutes of the Christian Religion, Calvin writes,
“Not to take too long, let us remember here, as in all religious doctrine, that we ought to hold to one rule of modesty and sobriety: not to speak, or guess, or even to seek to know, concerning obscure matters anything except what has b…

Feasting at the Table

The Life Giving Table by Sally Clarkson

The table has always been a lively place that I remember growing up with my parents, brother and sister.  Now, with my own wife and daughter, dinner conversations can turn to amazing, funny, and profound topics.  Sally Clarkson, in her new book, The Life Giving Table shares her heart and experience of table meals, expressing her hopes that the table can become a place of joy and tears, fellowship, feasting, and laughter.

The vision that Sally has comes forth in the first chapter on Tableology.  She writes, “When we sit at our tables, we’re not just an aggregate of individual family members eating and drinking to stay alive; we’re a congregation of communing souls hungering and thirsting to experience the goodness and beauty of the life God has designed just for us” (12).  The table is a sign of God’s beauty and grace, for his communing church.  She writes later about Jesus, “But Jesus didn’t simply use food as a tool in His ministry.  He made it…

Forgiveness and Justice

Forgiveness and Justice: A Christian Approach by Dr. Bryan Maier
Forgiveness at its core involves two people committed to naming and dealing with wrongdoing in a holistic way.  Yet, often we too easily think that a mere ‘I’m sorry’ will suffice for the one who has been hurt by sin and evil.  Dr. Bryan Maier comes to grips with the full weight of forgiveness and justice in his new book entitled Forgiveness and Justice: Christian Approach.  Wanting to engage to engage the best of secular counselors and psychologists but desiring to chart a course that stands firm on the Scriptures, this book is a great work at the intersection of counseling, psychology, and biblical theology. 
In cataloging the levels in which sin causes the most damage, Bryan gets to the basic message of how sin acts upon its victims.  Victims can fall prey to a dangerous situation in which they believe that “there is no such thing as justice after all or a judge who can enforce the law,” thereby increasing the chanc…