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A Necessary Grief

A Necessary Grief: Essential Tools for Leadership in Bereavement Ministry by Larry J. Michael
What are the necessary tools in bereavement ministry and how do we minister well to others dealing with the downtrodden?  These questions are at the heart of Larry J. Michael’s new book called A Necessary Grief: Essential Tools for Leadership in Bereavement Ministry.  
The best part of the book is Larry’s insistence on making clear distinctions between various terminology and offering a holistic view of ministry to those going through loss. In the beginning of the book, Larry helps the reader by differentiating between grief and mourning.  Larry writes, “Grief is the inward process that involves our thoughts and feelings after experiencing loss.  Mourning is the outward process that involves the expression of our grief.  It is often referred to as “grief that has gone public (24).”  Mourning is the sign that we see all around us with morose faces, gloomy expression, and looking like a person is …

For the Love of God's Word

For the Love of God’s Word by Andreas J. Kostenberger and Richard D. Patterson
This abridgement to their Invitation to Biblical Interpretation entitled For the Love of God’s Word is an excellent addition to the ever growing literature on hermeneutics.  The focus in the book is outlining how the triad of history, theology, and literature carefully considered help us in our interpretive strategy for each book of the bible.  Kostenberger and Patterson at the end of the opening chapter write, “Thus sound interpretation becomes the solid foundation for the application and proclamation of biblical truth to life (23).”  Thus, the way toward solid application is in the practice of sound interpretation moving from history, theology, and literature of each biblical book.
The second chapter deals with the historical-cultural background of the bible, namely looking at archaeology, cultural customs, and the larger historical milieu that the testaments were written in.  Attention is paid to kings sur…