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The Meaning of the Cross

From St. John Chrysostom:

"For the cross destroyed the enmity of God towards man, brought about the reconciliation, made the earth Heaven, associated men with angels, pulled down the citadel of death, unstrung the force of the devil, extinguished the power of sin, delivered the world from error, brought back the truth, expelled the Demons, destroyed temples, overturned altars, suppressed the sacrificial offering, implanted virtue, founded the Churches. The cross is the will of the Father, the glory of the Son, the rejoicing of the Spirit, the boast of Paul, “for,” he says, “God forbid that I should boast save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ” [Gal 6:14]. The cross is that which is brighter than the sun, more brilliant than the sunbeam: for when the sun is darkened then the cross shines brightly: and the sun is darkened not because it is extinguished, but because it is overpowered by the brilliancy of the cross. The cross has broken our bond, it has made the prison of death i…

Make the Words Your Own: An Early Christian Guide to the Psalms

Make the Words Your Own: An Early Christian Guide to the Psalms by Benjamin Wayman
The Psalms have been used since the beginning as an early guide to the faith for Christians.  The early church Father Athanasius has given us a guide to these psalms to help us in our journey of faith.  Benjamin Wayman, professor of religion at Greenville College in his introduction outlines the major points of Athanasius life, including the fact that in 367 he penned the earliest guide to the Psalms.  With intractable wit and devotion, Athanasius is a sure guide in helping us through the Psalter.
In the introduction, Wayman points out that, “Athanasius instructs us to personally apply the Psalms, the practice of which conforms our lives to Christ.  Through praying the words of the Psalter “as our very own,” we learn a new language that makes possible a new life in Christ.  Thus, we become what we pray (xxii).…