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The Christmas Carol

The Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens (original 1843 illustrations)
Every Christmas season the same carols are sung and the usually stories are told, especially those surrounding the nativity story.  Yet, as many people hearken back to a time before, some stories retain their never ending power.  Such a story as The Christmas Carol, by the brilliant English writer Charles Dickens, is just one of those enduring stories.  Paraclete Press has done a wonderful job in reprinting this story with the original 1843 illustrations that came with the original printing.  
Why does this story stretch through the decades while remaining such an important work?  For one, Dickens paints the portrait of Ebeneezer Scrooge as a dour soul who is hell-bent on profit and weary of any kindness as man easily identifiable (in a most universal way).  Early in the story, Scrooge brings to the foreground characteristics of a such a man.  Dickens writes, "Oh!  But he was a tight-fisted hand at the grindsto…