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Life of the Trinity

Trinitarian Letters: Your Adoption and Inclusion in the Life of God by Paul Kurts

Paul Kurts has written a new and quite unique book about the Trinity and incorporation of believers into the life of God. He writes early on that, "The radical truth of this means that in Christ the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form and that we have been given fullness in Christ" (3). I really appreciate the way Kurts locates the fundamental reality of being adopted by God and being `in Christ' as providing a foundational plight for theology. He also rightfully places Christ as the intercessor for believers not in some temporary spot but as an eternal intercessor advocating for us on our behalf.

Yet, the book is wrought with problems, both theologically and by its format. First, Kurts writes, "Satan wants us to desperately to believe that God chose some to be saved and in relationship with Him forever, and chose others to be tormented and tortured forever in the eternal flames …

Prepared By Grace, For Grace

Prepared By Grace, For Grace by Joel R. Beeke and Paul M. Smalley
This new book on the Puritans and God’s ordinary way of leading sinners to Christ is a reservoir of research and careful study into the primary and secondary sources concerning preparation.  Many readers will know of Joel R. Beeke, who has made himself a household name by his many works on the Puritans, including most recently his work entitled Puritan Theology.  Paul Smalley, Beeke’s teacher’s assistant brings to the table some very keen insights about Puritan writing.  So what is this book about?  Well, for one thing, the authors indicate that, “This book addresses the question of how God ordinarily brings sinner to the point of trusting in Christ alone for salvation.  Specifically, is conversion an event or a process?....Does God ordinarily begin the work of conversion by first convincing sinners of their g…

Pope Francis

Francis: Man of Prayer by Mario Escobar
This new biography of the present Pope, Francis, is a foray into the background, life, ministry and election of Jorge Mario Bergoglio.  The author, Mario Escobar has written an insightful and illuminating biography of Francis.  Breaking the book up into three larger section, Escobar deals with Francis’ early life, his ministry as a Cardinal and the major challenges that he faces in a global world.  What I thought was impressive about this biography was the way in which Escobar brought to life the details about Bergoglio’s early life that would carry through for the rest of the book. 
Early on Escobar writes of Francis, “The Argentine adolescent learned the value of work, and his work ethic has made him indefatigable” (7).  This boundless energy that Francis has exhibits itself in his care for the poor and his service to the church.  There is never a sense of pride that looks at where he came from and the position he has as a demonstration that…

Rainbows for Rainy Days
Rainbows for Rainy Days: 40 devotional readings that reveal God’s promises by Catherine Campbell

Holding onto the promises of God amidst a broken world full of pain and suffering is not an easy task.  Yet, these devotional readings, entitled Rainbows for Rainy Days, written by Catherine Campbell are a treasure house full of wisdom for the weary traveler on the journey through the Christian life.  Taking a Scripture, providing a short meditation alongside a beautiful photograph, these devotional readings bring to life the ways in which God pursues his people from beginning to end.  I found myself throughout the book saying out loud, “Yes, that is true, Amen to that!”  I would like to point out some reasons why this devotional is so valuable for those following Christ. 1  1.           Details of the Story
Catherine takes great pains to draw us into the story of the Bible, including those aspects of the narrative that bring together God’s c…

Dead Lawyers Tell No Tales

Dead Lawyers Tell No Tales by Randy Singer
Spending time in prison for a point shaving scheme, Landon Reed comes out of jail with a faithful wife by his side, Kerri.  Soon after this, Landon quickly hits the books training to be a lawyer in near Washington D.C. in Virginia.  Randy’s new book, Dead Lawyers Tell No Tales is a riveting tale full of surprise with an occasional twist in plot detail.  The story speeds up as Landon is hired on as a lawyer with Harry McNaughten, one of the founders of McNaughten and Clay.  Unbeknownst to Landon, Harry has been on the seat of many of controversial and most difficult court cases.  Rather than shove Landon in a cubicle and wait for his turn to rise through the ranks of lawyers, Harry immediately puts Landon front and center of a case that smells of insider trading and murder. 
One of the reasons I thought this book was so good was its attention to developing Landon’s c…


Limitless: Devotions for a Ridiculously Good Life by Nick Vujicic
Those familiar with Nick’s story will be amazed at how he keeps on living the good life in the midst of what most people would deem an utter tragedy.  Having been born with no limbs, Nick has gone through his share of peaks and valleys in life.  This new book, Limitless is a gathering of fifty devotions aimed at inspiring those down on their hopes and dreams and needing a dose of encouragement.  Each devotion provides a Scripture passage, a short inspirational message, and an ending few sentences set apart to anchor the message of each devotion in a memorable fashion. 
High Points of the Devotion
One cannot come away with many of the stories that Nick tells without a sense of awe and wonder.  In lesson 7 Nick tells of his travels to China to speak to an orphanage, one which housed those without families due to the devastating earthquake.  Nick writes, “I didn’t have to inspire these children. Instead, they inspired me…