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Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery: 365 Daily Devotional by John Baker, Johnny Baker and Mac Owen
Signaling the 25th anniversary of the Celebrate Recovery program used in countless churches and other venues, the group has issued a devotional that is for those dealing with hurt, habit, and hang-ups.  With the beginning of Celebrate Recovery, started in 1991 by John Baker, who instilled his vision in a thirteen page single spaced outline, the movement grew from a small network of groups to all over the country.  In this devotional, you will find pictures of grace seasoned throughout the days, but also you will note some real honest talk regarding relationships, sin, addiction, and a path toward recovery.
If I were to sum up the gravity of this book in a simple phrase, it would be life-giving.  People banter around the phrase ‘life changing’ without really understanding its fully orbed meaning, but life-giving is a phrase that brings together the vision of this book.  How is this devotional life-giving?  …

What Christians Ought to Believe

What Christians Ought to Believe: An Introduction to Christian Doctrine Through the Apostles’ Creed by Michael F. Bird
The Apostles’ Creed in its early reception was designed to teach people the essential truths of the Christian faith so that they might worship and live out the faith fully.  Michael F. Bird, lecturer and author has written a splendid exposition of the creed here in his new book entitled What Christians Ought to Believe.  With an insistence on including the historical development of Christianity and the way the creed represents a firm tradition set forth in the Bible, this book is a good aid in discovering the rich truths of the creed. In the opening chapter Michael counters the concept of “no creed but the Bible” by looking at how the pages of Scripture are filled with creedal affirmations.  The shema in Deuteronomy 6, the Christ hymn in Philippians 2 and the various passages in the NT regarding the resurrection all point to a creedal foundation in the biblical texts.  …