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Bringing Up Girls

James Dobson has been an influential and powerful purveyor of the issues facing families for many years now and this book is just another example of his influence. I gladly received this book from Tyndale for review with both an excited and uneasy feeling. My reaction after reading the book was a combination of being bitterly disappointed with it while also feeling like it will be a great resource in raising my young girl. In order to comment fairly concerning the book, I will offer a brief few words the content and then add my reception of the main points of the books.

Dobson begins the first chapter by stating the great responsibility of parents to not only oversee their children but also raise them 'purposely' (2). The chapter on Girls in Peril is Dobson exerting his effort in explaining the dangerous world girls find themselves in today, with everything from binge drinking to infidelity to eating disorders (6-9). I think in some ways Dobson goes to great links to bring out…

New Testament Canon

Michael Kruger, New Testament professor at Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, North Carolina has written a provocative, winsome, and persuasive book on the new testament canon. Rather than going to great lengths to explore each book's reception in church history, Kruger seeks to narrow his focus to two areas, namely 'if Christians have adequate grounds for thinking they can know which books are canonical,' and unpacking the self-authenticating model of the canon (23). The first section deals with what grounds do we have for believing the NT books that are in the canon are the ones that are supposed to be there and why. The second sections deals with a specific model of the canon that seeks to see the church as recognizing the canon but not creating the canon that we now have.

In the first chapter Kruger goes to great lengths at describing various community driven models of the canon; namely, the historical critical model, the Roman Catholic view, the Canonical mod…