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The Third Day

The Third Day: The Gospel of Luke Chapters 22-24 by Alex Webb-Peploe and Andre Parker (Scripture from the HCSB)
This new comic book, The Third Day, by Alex Webb-Peploe and Andre Parker, taken from Luke 22-24 (HCSB) is a wonderful depiction of the world, the characters, and the events leading up to Jesus’ death and resurrection.The opening prologue brings us face to face with Luke’s narrative eyewitness accounts of the events of Jesus.Taken in a series of snapshot artistic frames, these opening scenes portray well the faces of the apostles, the chief priests, and the events that took place in the ministry of Jesus.What you get as you read through this is an intimate portrait of the moving events and characters of the story and their emotions as the death of Jesus nears and his resurrection comes to take place.The illustrations provided in the book are worth every penny and even were captivating to my young daughter.You…

Salvation by Crucifixiin by Philip Graham Ryken

Salvation by Crucifixion by Philip Graham Ryken
Former Senior Pastor of Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia and President of Wheaton College, Philip Graham Ryken is well equipped to deliver a message on the crucifixion that is powerful and timely.  This new book, Salvation by Crucifixion is a brief foray into the meaning and application of the crucifixion of Jesus for the church.  Written with keen insight, historical background, and theological intensity, this book is a sure work to turn to when you want to know more about the crucifixion.  The unique thing about his book is Dr. Ryken’s emphasis that on the cross Jesus accomplished our salvation, thus he captures this point through looking at different lenses like the power, the offense, and triumph of the cross.  Often, as is the case here, the most slender of volumes carry the weight of a large tome.
In seven short chapters, Dr. Ryken looks at t…

An Inner Step Toward God: Writings and Teachings on Prayer by Father Alexander Men

An Inner Step Toward God by Father Alexander Men Father Alexander Men’s life reverberates beyond his own Russia into lives of many who long to pray fervently to God.  Men was a popular Russian Orthodox Priest who was murdered in 1990.  This new translation in English of his collection of prayers is a unique and remarkable work.  What is striking about the collection of prayers here is the immense practicality that these chapters evidence.  From the prayer book to the relationship between our body and difficulties in prayer, Alexander left no stone unturned in his quest to meet the living God, passing his wisdom onto others.  You also get a glance into the workings of the Russian Orthodox Church here and how the liturgy shapes the worship of the triune God.  I know this book will be a jolt of spiritual medicine for weary souls who long to pray more fervently and regularly. I appreciate the candor …

Would You Do What They Did?

Would You Do What They Did? by William Dean Hamilton

Would You Do What They Did? By William Dean Hamilton Chronicling the life of John Wesley, Martin Luther, St. Francis of Assisi and martyr Thomas Becket, this new book entitled Would You Do What They Did? By William Dean Hamilton weaves together biography, story, and encouragement for today’s believer.  You get a sense of the interior life of the people listed above in these pages alongside the people that knew them best. Taken from letters, writings, and other written work, Hamilton puts together very artful stories that speak about the truth of faith throughout life.
In the chapter on John Wesley, Susannah, John’s mother says something extraordinary after John tells his mother that him and his brother are going to be missionaries in Georgia.  She says, “I didn’t teach you about the Bible, theology, and the classics from the time you wer…