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Solid Review of Spurgeon's Sorrows

Paul Tautges over at Books at a Glance has an excellent review of Zach Eswine's new book entitled Spurgeon's Sorrows on depression.

The Church

This weekend on Friday and Saturday our local Presbytery (Mid-America in the EPC) met at Central Presbyterian church for a time of worship, praise, and business on Saturday.  Overall, there was much to thankful for, including the way God is working in the midst of churches in Hannibal, Kansas City, Joplin, and right here in St. Louis.  The dedicated time of prayer where each church shared their own challenges and times of thanks was extraordinary.  Brothers and sisters in Christ met at this gathering from all over Missouri.  Times like these where people are able to laugh, encourage, become vulnerable, and pray with one another really are times of refreshing for the body of Christ. If you are interested in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, what we believe and who we are visit: Here are a few thoughts I had about the time this weekend:

The Mighty Work of the Lord
Rehabbing, reshaping, removing, and renaming, the Lord is at work in our midst. From the rural towns of a…

Dear Anxiety

Dear Anxiety,
The last time we talked you droned on and on about the beauty of black.  Like the wearing of tight fitting pants that appear to make one slimmer, this blackness is supposed to shield me from the outside world.  But isn’t it true that for all your sleek postures, you are an insidious threat to my comfort.  The way you elevate the few things that I enjoy in life and turn them into shields against the tough edges of life makes me ill.  Yet, what would I do without you to coat my insecurity with false hope?
The unknowingness of life zaps the confidence I have in relationships at times.  One husband, one father dies in a gruesome wreck, what will happen next?  Will many die upon that same road?  The shock of feeling unable to help but feeling overwhelmed at the pain is raw and acute.  Yet, what am I to do with the razor sharp anxiousness of the unknowing next?  A spiritual pill, a modicum of faith, will this do the trick and turn the page on hurt street?
Whether the hurts re…