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Passover and Jesus

The Messiah in the Passover, Edited by Darrell Bock and Mitch Glaser
Why should Christians celebrate and remember the Passover?This is a striking question that needs to be understood as well as the historical and theological context of the Passover.However obscure we sometimes view the Old Testament, there is some significant reasons why we should reach back and study the Passover.Mitch Glaser in the Introduction states, “When Christians celebrate the Passover, they grow in their understanding of the Old Testament, affirm the Jewishness of the Gospel, deepen our understanding of the Lord’s Supper, and build community with fellow Christians…” (20).This book is answer to why celebrate the Passover but even more importantly an answer to what the Passover is and what it signifies to us today.The various contributors of this book, Messiah in the Passover, bring a wealth of ministry experience in relating the Jewishness of both Jesus and the Old Testament to their Christian faith.
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Luther and His Troubled Conscience

“Since Brother Martin was so troubled by his sin and unworthiness, Staupitz first advised that he seek forgiveness in the sacrament of penance.Going to confession helped Luther, but only to a point.Luther began to confess his sins frequently, often on a daily basis, and sometimes in great detail.He analyzed every sin, every motive, every circumstance, scrupulously.His fellow priests grew tired of hearing his obsessive confessions.Some began to avoid him on purpose.Johann van Staupitz, a very patient man, exploded one day: “Look here”, he said to Luther, “if you expect Christ to forgive you, come in with something to forgive – patricide, blasphemy, adultery – instead of all these small faults.”But this advice was useless to Luther.His anxiety was not over the magnitude of his sins, or their sheer number, but over whether they had been correctly confessed.What about unrecognized sins?Or forgotten sins?What about his motives, especially?After all, a good act committed for the wrong motiv…

So Close to Amazing

So Close to Amazing by KariAnne Wood

With a humorous bent and an infectiously creative attitude, DIY expert and writer KariAnne Wood comes to her new book, So Close to Amazing, with a keen sense of purpose.  The great thing about the book is KariAnne doesn't have it all figured out and yet she is able to laugh at her foibles and mess-ups, with the grace to keep moving on toward another goal.  Early on in the book she writes, "I'm the one who brings slice and bake cookies to a potluck.  Not baked, of course.  Only sliced....That's me - following a dream without much of a plan."

Something extraordinary happens in the midst of the ordinary, at least for the Wood family.  We find in the book a vision of taking over a small town pharmacy, moving from Texas all the way to small town Kentucky with her children.  The picturesque house turns into a swirling place to raise a family, and to engage in DIY projects while seeking to run a business.  Remodeling an old farm hous…

Vindicating the Vixens

Vindicating the Vixens: Revisiting Sexualized, Vilified, and Marginalized Women of the Bible, Edited by Sandra Glahn
For quite a long and drawn out title, this book really packs a punch.The contributors to this volume span a wide range from seminary professors to ministry and pastoral leaders, to bloggers and writers.The book’s title Vindicating the Vixens, gives us a glimpse at the main thrust of the message, we have simply not understood the women of the bible and recapturing and honoring their place in the biblical record helps us see the multi-faceted nature of their lives.
The story of Ruth captures the imagination and focus of its readers with an unparalleled story of redemption.Many times we hone in on the way that Boaz takes Ruth under his wings and marries her amidst the peculiar customs of the time.Yet, as Marnie Legaspi points out, Ruth is committed to her mother-in-law but also to great sacrifice.Marnie points out some loyalties in the life of Ruth by mentioning that Ruth ha…