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Healed at Last

Healed at Last: Separating Biblical Truth from Myth by Scott Blackwell
How do we understand miracles in the Bible and today?  Are miracles evidence of a strong faith or is the lack of miracles evidence of the lack of it?  All these questions are swirling around the Christian church and yet, we need solid biblical answers to these questions.  In Healed at Last, Scott Blackwell examines these issues with an eye toward the Bible and sound practice.  No stranger to illness (meningitis) and a sever limp even today, Scott is not one for easy answers or practical appeal, he seeks truth. 
For Scott, the discussion on healing with begins with two corollary truths: God is good, his truth is in Scripture and life is hard (or in other words, we live in a fallen and sinful world).  The second truth is the hardest to swallow for many Christians who err on the side of seeing miracles everywhere.  Blackwell explains this as “life as it is really is (26).”  Yet, this does not make life an easier.  Most…