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So Close to Amazing

So Close to Amazing by KariAnne Wood

With a humorous bent and an infectiously creative attitude, DIY expert and writer KariAnne Wood comes to her new book, So Close to Amazing, with a keen sense of purpose.  The great thing about the book is KariAnne doesn't have it all figured out and yet she is able to laugh at her foibles and mess-ups, with the grace to keep moving on toward another goal.  Early on in the book she writes, "I'm the one who brings slice and bake cookies to a potluck.  Not baked, of course.  Only sliced....That's me - following a dream without much of a plan."

Something extraordinary happens in the midst of the ordinary, at least for the Wood family.  We find in the book a vision of taking over a small town pharmacy, moving from Texas all the way to small town Kentucky with her children.  The picturesque house turns into a swirling place to raise a family, and to engage in DIY projects while seeking to run a business.  Remodeling an old farm hous…